Delta Series Radiator

The D-SERIES Radiators stand out among all other heating products thanks to a new curved design, with frontal dissipation blades that provide natural air circulation, allowing the radiator to reach the required temperature in record time.

The D-SERIES Radiators feature important quality improvements, replacing the older plastic fittings. The sides of the radiator are finished with a SLIM LINE ALUMINIUM material and patented Rointe anchoring system, guaranteeing visual continuity.

KYROS Radiator

The KYROS second generation range featurs advanced functionality. These new functions are available through an easy-to-use visual menu, with icons for each function. A KYROS Radiator offers the same high quality as all Rointe products and low consumption due to Fuzzy Logic energy control technology.

Low consumption technology allows the optimisation of the radiator’s power consumption, making possible a non-consumption coefficient of 62% of nominal power.

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